Gastric Plication – Gastric İnfolding Surgery

Gastric plication, also known as stomach infolding, is a surgical operation used in the treatment of obesity. The operation consists of infolding the stomach in itself. It got its name from this process. In this procedure, no part of the stomach is removed or cut. The stomach is reduced by 75% with stitches.

To Whom Is Gastric Plication Performed?

Having a body mass index above 30 is the first condition.
This surgery may not be operated in all types of obesity.
Gastric plication may be recommended for patients who have failed in obesity treatments such as diet and exercise.


  • This surgery, which is performed with the laparoscopic method, is completed earlier than other bariatric surgery operations and the patient’s recovery process is faster.
  • A piece of the stomach is not taken and cut.
  • It is recyclable. If the patient wishes, the digestive system can be arranged as before.
  • Early weight loss is successful.
  • The risk of anastomotic leakage is very low.
  • If the surgery is unsuccessful, other methods can be used.


  • Long-term results are unclear.
  • Super morphide cannot be used in obesity patients.
  • It is not covered by insurance companies.
  • There are very few surgeons experienced in this field.

Types of Gastric Plication

There are two types of gastric plication surgery. These are gastric anterior wall fold and gastric posterior wall fold.

Anterior Plication

This application is not preferred. Even though there is a fold on the front wall, it may stretch over time due to the empty back wall and it will cause you to gain weight again. Therefore, this surgery is not common.

Lateral Plication-Great Curvature Fold

This gastric plication surgery is the most widely used practice all over the world. In this surgery, the anterior and posterior walls of the stomach are folded and stitched on themselves. It is preferred in the surgery performed with the laparoscopic method, both because it does not require extra materials and because of its economical application.
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